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Name: Mike Pearce
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Born and raised in the greater Seattle area, I love the written word and have a passion for travel, video games, sports (go Sounders, go Hawks), food and people. When I’m not writing about one of my aforementioned passions, I’m spending time with my lovely wife, my friends, or my crazy Mexican street dog, Carlos.

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Apr 07

NFL Player Goes Vegan

A player from the National Football League, Tyrann Mathieu, recently tweeted that he has become vegan. The star safety became a starter last season for his team, the Arizona Cardinals, even after enduring a season-ending ACL tear the year before. Mathieu was a standout in college at Louisiana State University, where his tenacity earned him …

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Mar 31

Major Grocery Chain Commits to Selling Only Cage-free Eggs

Minneapolis-based SUPERVALU announced yesterday its commitment to sell only cage-free eggs by the year 2025. In fact, the company says the day of 100 percent cage-free eggs could come even earlier, depending on supply, affordability and demand. Presently, cage-free eggs account for only 12 percent of company-wide egg sales. With over 3,400 owned, licensed, franchised, …

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Mar 24

Barcelona Vote Supports Vegans, Vegetarians

On Tuesday, March 22, officials in Barcelona’s economic commission held a vote for the city to become “a friend of vegan and vegetarian culture.” The motion, put forth by the Catalan Republican Left, received support from Barcelona en Comú group currently in power, the Catalan Socialists, the Convergència party, and the leftist CUP. Two other …

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Mar 18

SeaWorld to end Captive Orca Breeding Program

On March 17th, SeaWorld announced it would cease its captive breeding program for orca whales. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), this turn of events points to an eventual end of keeping whales in captivity for public exhibition. It will also ensure that the orcas currently in SeaWorld’s possession will be …

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Mar 10

Canada to Stop Testing Pesticides on Beagles

Animal rights activists have major cause for celebration this week. Health Canada just recently announced its commitment to end testing pesticides on dogs in the near future. PETA has estimated that the cessation of these cruel experiments will save hundreds of dogs every year. The test, up until now, had been mandatory for manufacturers in …

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Feb 18

Vegan Tiki Bar Opens in Seattle

A venture that began as a pop-up tent serving plant-based food and later upgraded to a food truck, now has its very own space to call home. No Bones Beach Club, located in the trendy Ballard neighborhood of liberal Seattle, is a little slice of paradise for vegans in the rainy northwestern city. They even …

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Feb 11

Petition Started for Vegan Hershey’s Kisses

Recently there have been a series of high-profile companies announcing their entries into the vegan food market. Oreo released two new flavors: filled cupcake and cinnamon bun. Then, the well-publicized case between Hellmann’s and Hampton Creek, the makers of vegan Just Mayo, was wrapped up, culminating in Hellmann’s deciding to produce their very own vegan …

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Feb 04

After Dropping Suit, Hellmann’s Puts Its Money Where Vegans’ Mouths Are

Many vegans were paying close attention when corporate giant Unilever, owner of Hellmann’s brand mayonnaise, sued Hampton Creek, producer of the egg-free Just Mayo brand. The suit was brought due to claims that Hampton Creek was using false advertising—federal standards require mayo to contain eggs. The Associated Press reported that while the case was still …

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Jan 28

Avocado Ice Cream has Arrived

One of the toughest parts for people transitioning from being omnivorous, or vegetarian, to veganism is the lack of dairy. Dairy is a pillar of western diets and culinary traditions, after all. Avoiding the consumption of meat and meat products is by no means easy, but for many it is even harder to do away …

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Jan 21

Double Food Pyramid Shows That What is Good for You, is Good for the Planet

The US Food Pyramid, despite its well-known failings, has always had good intentions: to educate people about healthy foods and diets. However, now that we’re in the midst of a global environmental crisis, it’d be good to know how those same dietary decisions affect the environment, wouldn’t it? The Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition …

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Jan 14

Vegetarian Menus Surge 66%

Most of us, during our first years, hated vegetables. It’s not very often you hear of a child who likes to eat his or her vegetables. Unfortunately, that never stopped Mom and Dad from insisting. “Eat your veggies,” they’d say, “they’re good for you.” It turns out they were right, and an increasing number of …

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Jan 08

Medical Center Prioritizing Plant-based Diets Opens in D.C.

The District of Columbia has just gotten a progressive new medical facility. The Barnard Medical Center, founded by the respected doctor of the same name, is a primary care center both in form and function. What makes this facility special is its unique focus on proper nutrition and diet, especially those that are plant-based. Dr. …

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