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Anthony Martinelli is the Editor and co-founder of He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of, a cannabis news and information website.

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Apr 19

Report: Almond Milk Sales Up 7.8% in 2015, Dairy Milk Sales Down 7%

Americans are switching from Dairy-based milks to plant-based milks such as almond milk at a rapid pace, according to a new report by Nielsen. “In fact, almond milk is now America’s favorite milk substitute, boasting sales growth of 250% over the past five years”, according to the report. “During that same period, however, the total …

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Apr 18

Interview with Comedy Writer/Rapper Zach Sherwin

Zach Sherwin is a comedy rapper with a conscience. Known for his hilarious songs and online videos, as well as his numerous appearances on the hugely successful Youtube series Epic Rap Battles of History, Sherwin is vegan, and doesn’t shy away from mentioning it in his work. Much of his work carries a strong message …

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Apr 16

Whole Foods Now Offering Own Brand of Frozen Vegan Pizza

For the first time in the popular grocery store’s history, Whole Foods is offering a frozen vegan pizza as part of its 365 line of natural products, an announcement that’s sure to excite vegan Whole Food shoppers across the country. The new pizza – which has a whole wheat crust – features Daiya vegan cheese …

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Apr 14

Octopus Escapes Aquarium, Finds Way to Ocean Through Nearby Drain

In a scene that seems like it’s right out of a Pixar movie, an octopus at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier has found freedom after escaping from his tank, scurrying across the floor, and finding his way into the Pacific Ocean through a nearby drain. According to Rob Yarral, the aquarium’s manager, …

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Apr 13

Raw Vegan Cake Sets Guinness World Record at German Food Festival

A cake made at Rohvolution – a raw, vegan food festival in Germany – has set the Guinness World Record for the largest vegan cake ever made! The cake, which was created by Hotel Essentis Biohotel Berlin, weighs in at a whopping 857 pounds. In addition to being entirely vegan, the cake was made of …

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Apr 13

Italy’s First All-Vegan Kindergarten Now Open

Italy’s first all-vegan kindergarten is now officially open in the city of Milan. “We love and respect all animals, so we do not use any food originated from their exploitation (not only meat and fish, but also eggs, dairy and honey)”, Naturà told the Italian news outlet La Stampa Chronicles. “Our dishes are therefore 100% vegan.” …

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Apr 13

Study: Meat-Eaters More Likely to be Aggressive and Suicidal Due to Parasitic Infection

A study published last month in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that those infected with the toxoplasma gondi parasite – which is typically obtained through undercooked meat, but also from infected cats and contaminated water – are twice as likely to have a rage disorder, making them more likely to be aggressive and suicidal. …

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Apr 11

Investment Group Formed to Help Finance Vegan Companies

A new invest group has been formed to help give a boost of momentum to the already rapidly growing vegan food market. New Crop Capital, a “specialized private venture capital fund”, has already raised over $25 million in capital with investments to companies such as Gelzen, which makes vegan gelatin, and Beyond Meats, which makes …

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Apr 07

NFL Player Goes Vegan

A player from the National Football League, Tyrann Mathieu, recently tweeted that he has become vegan. The star safety became a starter last season for his team, the Arizona Cardinals, even after enduring a season-ending ACL tear the year before. Mathieu was a standout in college at Louisiana State University, where his tenacity earned him …

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Apr 05

San Francisco’s First Vegan and Gluten-Free Bakery Now Open

San Francisco now has an entirely vegan and gluten-free bakery in the newly opened Wholesome Bakery, located at 3376 18th St. between Mission and Capp. Products by the Wholesome Bakery can be found in two dozen stores throughout San Francisco and Berkley, but the new San Fran-based Wholesome Bakery is the company’s first brick-and-mortar bakery.

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Mar 31

Iran Bans Circuses Featuring Wild Animals

Iran – following Greece, Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium and Bolivia – has officially banned wild animal circuses across each of its 31 states. The move, which was made this week by the nation’s Department of Environment, will lead to the immediately closure of at least 13 wild animal circuses across the country. The move – …

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Mar 31

U.S. Green Party Creates Animal Rights Committee

In a move to help ensure that animal rights is at the forefront of the nation’s political conversation, the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) has agreed to establish an Animal Rights Committee. The decision to create the Animal Rights Committee within the party was made by the GPUS National Committee, which voted 67 …

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