Jan 28

Vegan Diet Provides “Long-Term Sustainable Solutions for the Health Care Challenges of the Newest Era”

A vegan diet provides a long-term sustainable solution to many of the world’s health care challenges, according to a new study published in the journal Orvosi Hetilap.

vegan dietThe meta-study, which was published online by the U.S National Institute of Health, was conducted by researchers at the University of Pécs in Hungary. Its abstract begins by stating that a plant-based diet “is an old-new trend in nutrition.”

For the study, researchers examined a plethora of literature on the subject of vegan diets. In doing so they found continuing evidence of “positive physiological effects of plant-based diet and its possible role in diseases risk reduction.”

According to the research; “Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases developing due to obesity could be prevented by a properly compiled plant-based diet.”

For patients with cancer “minimizing the intake of foods of animal origin – as opposed to plant-based ones – has proved to have positive effects.”

Researchers conclude that; ” Our review suggests this diet can be used in a number of diseases and it also provides long-term sustainable solutions for the health care challenges of the newest era.”

Click here for the full text and abstract of the study.

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