Apr 16

Whole Foods Now Offering Own Brand of Frozen Vegan Pizza

pizzaFor the first time in the popular grocery store’s history, Whole Foods is offering a frozen vegan pizza as part of its 365 line of natural products, an announcement that’s sure to excite vegan Whole Food shoppers across the country.

The new pizza – which has a whole wheat crust – features Daiya vegan cheese shreds, and is topped with tomatoes, olives and basil.

Although Whole Foods sells other vegan pizzas – Daiya and Amy’s brand, for example – these are lower in cost than most, coming in at $2.99 for a 6.8 ounce pizza.

The new vegan pizza is now available at Whole Foods locations nationwide (stores not currently carrying it are expected to start in the coming days and weeks).

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  1. Patricia

    ONLY if they are Organic, non-GMO!!!!!! ONLY!

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