Apr 23

10 Recent Studies that Will Make Non-Vegans Consider Converting

There have been a plethora of vegetarian and vegan studies released in recent months, showing the vast and diverse benefits of following a plant-based diet.

Below is a list of the most eye-opening and potentially mind-changing of these studies, in no particular order.


Study: Veganism Could Save Millions of Lives Annually, Prevent Trillions of Dollars in Environmental Damage

Vegetarians Have Lower Risk of Cancer than Meat-Eaters, Finds Study

Study: Milk Intake Associated with Increased Mortality and Bone Fractures

Study: Vegan Diet Can Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Study: Diet High in Fruit Reduces Erectile Dysfunction

Study Finds that Even 7 Days on a Low-Fat Vegan Diet Can Have Significant Health Benefits

Study Finds Animals Are Capable of Self-Awareness

Decade-Long Study Finds Vegan Diet Drastically Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk

New Study Indicates Plant Based Diet More Effective at Reducing Cardiovascular Risks than American Heart Association Diet

Crossover Study Finds Veganism Can Mitigate Migraine Effects

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