May 19

Baileys Introduces New Almond Milk Liqueur


Baileys, famous for their liqueurs, has introduced a new liqueur made with almond milk.

“Our almondmilk is made from sweet almond oil and almond essence (extracted from crushed almonds), cane sugar and purified water with a touch of real vanilla”, Baileys states on their website. “This smooth spirit blends the luscious, nutty flavors of real almondmilk and real vanilla to create a versatile drink.”

Although good on its own, Baileys has three suggestions on how to best enjoy this beverage:

Baileys Almande Crush

  • 3 oz Baileys Almande
  • over crushed ice

Baileys Almande Refresh

  • 3 oz Baileys Almande
  • 3 oz Coconut Water
  • Pour over Ice

Baileys Frozen Frappé

1 cup Baileys Almande

1 cup Ice

Blend and Serve

Makes 2 Servings

More information can be found on Baileys’ website by clicking here.


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  1. Imogen

    Is this available in Australia?

  2. Rose Bulfin

    Appeal from a vegan of Irish descent.

    Please, Baileys, if and when can we buy it in the UK. Loads of us are already drooling!!!

    Rose Bulfin

  3. Ronit

    Is this product certified kosher?

    1. jay

      It’s almond milk, not dairy.

  4. Rosemarie

    I am looking forward to trying this, as I have missed my Baileys since becoming Vegan.

  5. Barbara Fuller

    I can’t wait to try this product. Love Baileys products!

  6. Jeanne

    Where can I buy” Bailey’s Almande” in Southern California, please?

  7. Chandra

    Where can I buy this little bottle of heaven? I live in las Vegas. Thx

  8. Kathryn Murphy

    Thank goodness. At last!

  9. Vex

    Has Bailey’s said anything about if the Whisky itself is vegan? Or are they still potentially using animal based fining agents?

  10. Loretta Keane

    Where?? Where?? So exciting 🙂

  11. T

    Is it filtered through geletain?

  12. A hope

    Can I buy this vegan bailey’s in Aberdeen ?

  13. Blanca

    Where is this being sold? So exciting!

  14. Jackie

    Where/when can I buy Almande in Perth, W.Australia? Does the production process meet vegan
    standards, please?

  15. Charlie

    If any of you are looking for this in the UK, we offer a Vegan alternative to Baileys called ‘Besos de Oro’ made from Chufa or Tigernuts. We think you’ll love it!

  16. Heidi

    Where do I find it in Europe? Which countries, which stores?

  17. Lucie

    I am lactose intolerant and have not had a baileys in 4 years. My all time favourite drink. I am drolling just looking at the picture. So when will this delightful drink be available in the uk.

  18. a. Selleck

    Try iced coffee with almond bailey’s!

  19. Katherine Baker

    Hope this new vegan product comes to Canada soon! I live in Quebec and in Nova Scotia!
    N.B. Is the *whiskey (alcohol)* in the product suitable for vegans, i.e. processed without isinglass, eggwhite, gelatin, etc.?

    Thank you!

  20. Shane

    Where does Baileys state that this is actually vegan?

  21. Shane

    This was Baileys response to the Barnivore.com script:

    “Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for your recent email regarding Baileys Almande. It is always good to hear from our loyal consumers. We are delighted to receive any feedback on our products and communications, as it keeps us in touch with the people that matter – you.
    Thanks for your patience whilst we investigated your query. We can confirm that we have launched a trial in the US of Baileys Almande, a delicious new dairy-free variant. Whilst we aren’t rolling out the trial in Europe just now, we will be watching the results closely to see how consumers respond to this new product. Baileys Almande has been classified as gluten free and dairy free in the US. If the trial is extended to Europe, we will seek classifications in Europe too due to different regulations. We are also seeking vegan certification.
    We hope you continue enjoying our brands and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future.
    Best wishes from Diageo.”

  22. Joanne Balcombe

    Please please please stock this in the UK in Cornwall ….Callington so I can collect a bottle sooooon x

  23. Heidi

    Due to intolerances, really interested in trying this one. When is it coming to the UK?

  24. Debbie Edwards

    There is talk this contains honey?

  25. Marion

    Do you know if it will be available in Australia

  26. Sue

    Where can we buy this in Melbourne Australia please. I am dairy intolerant.

  27. Lisa

    The bottle lists the ingredients as follows: “Our almondmilk is made from sweet almond oil and almond essence (extracted from crushed almonds), cane sugar and purified water with a touch of real vanilla”. However, the allergens are listed as almonds and SOY. Where does the soy come from?

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