12 Things You Should Never Say to a Vegan

By Joe Loria, ChooseVeg.com

Being vegan you hear all sorts of ridiculousness, but these questions and comments are among the worst!

1. ” I only eat humane meat.”

2. “What do vegans even eat?”
3. “But where do you get your protein?”
Like seriously?!?
4. “But humans were meant to eat meat.”
You didn’t just say that…
5. “I hate tofu.”
Yes, because all vegans eat is tofu…
6. “Bacon tastes so good though!”
Please stop.
7. “I love animals, but I also love meat.”
Literally can’t even.
8. “But plants have feelings too.”
This is when you walk away…
9. “But the animals are going to overpopulate and take over.”
10. “Do you mind if I eat meat in front of you?”
11. “You know being vegan is bad for your health.”
Thanks for your professional advice.
12. “What if you were stuck on a deserted island and had nothing else to eat?”
I’ll let you know when that happens!
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