Feb 03

Oreo Announces New Vegan Flavor: Filled Cupcake

filled cupcake oreoJust two weeks after Oreos announced their new vegan cinnamon bun flavored cookies, they’ve announced a new flavor which is also vegan; filled cupcake.

The new flavor, which is “a rich, chocolatey treat featuring a dollop of creme filling wrapped into a crunchy cookie exterior,” debated this week at a  New York City pop-up and will hit store shelves on February 8th.

As with the cinnamon bun flavored Oreo, the new filled cupcake Oreo is part of their “Wonder Vault” campaign, which will feature new unique flavors released periodically throughout the week.

Classic Oreo cookies, and most of their spinoff flavors, do not contain any dairy or animal products.

About the author Anthony Martinelli

Anthony Martinelli is the Editor and co-founder of TheVeganHerald.com. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog.com, a cannabis news and information website.


  1. candace

    Since when is a product that contains the suffering of animals – palm oil… considered vegan?
    Cmon, ya’ll should know better. Stop saying oreos are vegan. Please.

  2. mrt

    “Classic Oreo cookies, and most of their spinoff flavors, are vegan”

    are they though?

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