New York Bakery Releases Vegan “Punch Trump” Donuts

trumpThe New York bakery The Cinnamon Snail has released a new entirely vegan “Punch Trump” donut which is topped with a shortbread cookie with hand-crafted pictures of Donald Trump being punched in the face. All proceeds from the donuts are being donated to the New York Immigration Coalition.

“They provide all of the satisfaction of punching trump in the face, without actual violence, and without getting his reptilian nazi skin slime all over your hand,” the bakery wrote on their Facebook page.

The donuts feature a lemon curd filling, a lemon shortbread cookie and lemon icing. Although the donuts come with the hefty (for a donut) price tag of $9, the bakery has a good explanation; “The donuts are priced at $9 each so that they can legitimately raise useful funds for immigration advocacy, and also because they were extraordinarily time consuming to decorate,” The Cinnamon Snail says.

The Cinnamon Snail is located at 2 Pennsylvania Plaza in New York City.

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