Mar 31

Major Grocery Chain Commits to Selling Only Cage-free Eggs

Minneapolis-based SUPERVALU announced yesterday its commitment to sell only cage-free eggs by the year 2025. In fact, the company says the day of 100 percent cage-free eggs could come even earlier, depending on supply, affordability and demand. Presently, cage-free eggs account for only 12 percent of company-wide egg sales.

With over 3,400 owned, licensed, franchised, and independently owned stores, and sales of nearly $18 billion, SUPERVALU is one of the largest grocery chains in the United States.

Mark Van Buskirk, SUPERVALU’s executive vice president of merchandising, marketing, and retail said in the company’s press release, “Our decision to move toward selling only cage-free eggs reflects our ongoing commitment to improving animal welfare practices across the industry.”

Reports on the company’s progress towards being exclusively cage-free will be released annually. SUPERVALU’s Wild Harvest brand has already completed the transition to cage-free products.

The push to give hens the freedom they deserve continues to spread. According to the Humane Society of the United States and Cagefreefuture.com, food industry giants like Costco, Target, Kroger, McDonald’s, and numerous others, have all made cage-free commitments. Go here for the full list.

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