Apr 13

Italy’s First All-Vegan Kindergarten Now Open

natureItaly’s first all-vegan kindergarten is now officially open in the city of Milan.

“We love and respect all animals, so we do not use any food originated from their exploitation (not only meat and fish, but also eggs, dairy and honey)”, Naturà told the Italian news outlet La Stampa Chronicles. “Our dishes are therefore 100% vegan.”

According to Naturà, veganism is also reflected in their educational lessons, with a particular focus put on the environmental benefits of following a meat and dairy-free lifestyle.

Naturà, which is located in the Citta Studi neighborhood of Milan, was opened by Federica Ferrobianchi, a teacher of infant massage who has a science degree in education.


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  1. Jessee

    Thank you so much for teaching those sweet children the value of all Life.. maybe the next generation will be less destructive to our world and all that are in it. Blessings and Peace to all of you.

  2. Beverley Morreale

    This is amazing news, educating children to live healthy happy and to love all animals, this has made my day, wonderful just wonderful 👍👍👍👍

  3. Freya

    Absolutely fantastic! Well done! This is the future thank god.

  4. David Bloch

    If a baby drinks breast milk then said baby would not be vegan…the benefits of breastfeeding are pretty much indisputable. Think it through Luis Pablo Vargas Lopez!

    1. Sunny Strobel

      Think it through, David Bloch: Humans are the only creatures on the planet that are using other mammals as wet-nurses for their children., and without asking for permission of the abused…How udderly perverse!

    2. Doris Van Andel

      David I’m not sure what you are saying. If a human baby drinks breast milk from its own Mother that is still a vegan baby. That milk is produced for that child. Just like a cows milk is meant for the baby calf and a goat’s milk is meant for the kid she gives birth too and so forth.

      Breast feeding is the best and healthiest form of food for a baby alright and also beneficial to the mother that gave birth.

  5. Johelis

    I love this idea. I am thinking as an owner and chef of Latin American food would love to change as well to completely Vegan too.
    I recently embarque into the adventure of Opening a restaurant La Salsera Venezolana in Leamington Spa share my culture in England but as I am experiencing many difficulties from consuming Dairy products and meat I’m trying to change my self first with the viewing of help to change other people too in the future.
    I love vegetables and I love the idea of growing them my self so there is not need to eat meat or anything derivative from animals.
    We need new generation of animals and humans.
    I really hope many people would start to change soon.
    Have a look at my Facebook page and look at my menu and recommendations are more than welcome.

  6. Katherine heiss

    Ready to move! I can teach AND cook!

  7. Karen

    i salute you for your stance, courage and adore you for your ethics and goodness. Good luck with your venture and I hope this is the beginning of massive change. xx

  8. Ross Malick

    The world s changing. I always tell my family and friends that in the next century vegan will be the normal way of life.

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