Apr 22

Study: 99.6% in Germany have Herbicide in their System, Less for Vegetarians/Vegans

(Photo: healthygutbugs.com)

(Photo: healthygutbugs.com)

In an alarming and some would say horrifying new study, 99.6% of those in Germany have the herbicide glyphosate in their system, EurActiv Germany reports. Glyphosate is used in Roundup, one of the most popular products sold by Monsanto.

The study conducted by the Heinrich Böll Foundation – with 2,009 participants – found that 99.6% have residual glyphosate in their system. A whopping 75% were found to have glyphosate levels five times higher than amounts legally allowed in drinking water, and a third of the study’s participants had glyphosate levels that were 10 to 42 times the permissible level.

According to EurActiv; “The most significant values were found in children aged from zero to nine and adolescents aged 10 to 19, particularly those individuals raised on farms. Meat eaters also displayed higher levels of glyphosate contamination than vegetarians or vegans.”

“The investigation confirmed the findings of the Federal Environment Agency, in regards to the majority of the population having glyphosate residue in their urine,” said retired veterinarian Monika Krüger, who supervised the study.

The study is the largest of its kind ever conducted.



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