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After Dropping Suit, Hellmann’s Puts Its Money Where Vegans’ Mouths Are

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Many vegans were paying close attention when corporate giant Unilever, owner of Hellmann’s brand mayonnaise, sued Hampton Creek, producer of the egg-free Just Mayo brand. The suit was brought due to claims that Hampton Creek was using false advertising—federal standards require mayo to contain eggs.

The Associated Press reported that while the case was still being fought, Hellmann’s was caught modifying customer reviews and terminology in reference to their own products. These products also failed to meet the federal standards on what Unilever claimed them to be. Oops. After getting the proverbial egg on its face, the backlash against Hellmann’s grew.

Unilever eventually dropped the suit.

Hellmann’s claimed the suit was dropped to allow Hampton Creek the opportunity to discuss labeling restrictions with industry and regulatory officials. Right…

The suit evoked many feelings and generated a great deal of publicity, most of which was decidedly negative for Unilever’s brand. Not only that, but because the story became so well known, it massively boosted Just Mayo’s exposure.

Since then, things have really come full circle.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and, well, Hampton Creek must be flattered at the moment. That’s right, Hellmann’s has decided to begin selling their very own egg-free mayonnaise called “Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread.”

Hellmann’s marketing director, Russell Lilly, when questioned by the Associated Press about the reason for its newest product, maintained that the company was just trying to provide adequate choice to its customers.

No irony here, folks. None at all.

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