Apr 28

Amy’s Opening Third Organic Vegetarian Drive Thru Restaurant

Amy’s Drive Thru, which features an entirely organic, vegetarian menu (all items can be made vegan if they aren’t already), is planning to open a third location in California.

(Photo: AmysDriveThru.com).

Amy’s currently has one drive thru location in Rohnert Park, which was opened in 2015. A second location will soon open in Corte Madera, and now Amy’s has announced that they are planning to open a third location in Walnut Creek.

Everything on Amy’s is vegetarian, and any item that isn’t vegan can easily be made vegan. Some of the items include (all organic) burgers, pizzas, salads, chili (including chili cheese fries), mac ‘n’ cheeze, a burrito and burrito bowl, soups, baked goods (including cinnamon rolls), milk shakes and various drinks (including coffee, hot chocolate, lemonades, tea and on tap kombucha). They also have a breakfast menu which including a breakfast sandwich (with veggie sausage), bagels, a yogurt parfait and hash browns.

“We believe our family focus makes us a perfect fit for the neighborhood,” says Dave Wolfgram, President of Amy’s Drive Thru. “Besides delicious food, Amy’s offers a gathering point for the community, from book club meetings to family celebrations.”

According to their website, the mission of Amy’s Drive Thrus is “returning to the roots of American fast food, serving lovingly handcrafted food to nourish hard-working citizens, busy families and road-weary travelers.”

For more information on Amy’s, including their full menu, click here.


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  1. Aryn

    We have no vegan or vegetarian restaurants really here where I’m at to open branches in Oregon!!

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