Mar 24

Armani Going Fur-Free by Year’s End

gaThe Armani Group – a leading produer of high-end clothing, with billions of dollars in annual revenue – has announced that they’ll be ending the use of animal fur in all of their products by the fall/winter 2016 season. The move is being made in agreement with the Fur Free Alliance.

“I am pleased to announce that the Armani Group has made a firm commitment to abolish the use of animal fur in its collections”, said Giorgio Armano, founder of the Armani Group. “Technological progress made over the years allows us to have valid alternatives at our disposal that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals. Pursuing the positive process undertaken long ago, my company is now taking a major step ahead, reflecting our attention to the critical issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals”.

“Armani’s fur-free announcement makes it clear that designers and consumers can have creative freedom and luxury all without supporting animal cruelty”, says Joh Winding, Chairman of the Fur Free Alliance. “Mr. Armani has been a trendsetter in the fashion world for decades and this latest announcement is proof that compassion and innovation are the future of fashion”.

The Italy-based Armani Group has an annual revenue stream of over $2.5 billion, making it one of the world’s largest produces of high-end clothing.


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