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Anthony Martinelli is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Vegan Herald, which is a vegan news and information website that launched in 2015.

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Daiya Bringing Back Original Recipe for Their Vegan Cheese Shreds

Recently Daiya, a much respected vegan food company that specializes in vegan cheeses, yogurts and cheesecakes, made an alteration to the recipes they use for their cheese shreds. Although some consumers were fans of the change, many others were disappointed in the fact that the cheese’s texture was changed entirely, having gone from having a …

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Ben & Jerry’s Launching Line of Vegan Almond Milk Ice Cream in 2016

The hugely popular ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has announced that their new line of entirely vegan almond milk ice cream will be launching in 2016. Although the company tested out a line of vegan ice cream flavors using various non-dairy milk alternatives such as soy and cashew milk, the company decided that almond …

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Wendy’s Now Offering Vegan Black Bean Burgers at Certain Locations

The international fast food franchise Wendy’s is currently offering a vegan black bean burger on its menu at multiple locations. Although all of the locations are currently located in Columbia, South Carolina, Wendy’s plan is to make the veggie burger an item at all of its locations, if it sells successfully. Below are the Wendy’s …

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Vegetarians Have Lower Risk of Cancer than Meat-Eaters, Finds Study

A study of over 60,000 people published online by the National Institute of Health, and published in-print by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has found that the percentage of vegetarians with cancer is drastically lower than the percentage of meat-eaters with cancer, indicating that a vegetarian diet can protect against the disease. According the …

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Study Finds Animals Are Capable of Self-Awareness

Animals other than humans are capable of self-awareness, a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Warwick has found. The study, published in the journal Current Zoology, found that animals such as rats and mice are capable of mentally simulating environments, which requires at least a primitive sense of self. The finding suggests …

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U.S. National Institute of Health Ending Experiments on Baby Monkeys

The National Institute of Health (NIH) will be ending a 30-year long research program on baby monkeys, according to U.S. Representative Brendan Boyle. The program included tearing away infants from their mother at birth, and continually terrorizing them with things such as fake snakes and loud noises, forced alcoholism and being forced to live alone …

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You Can Soon 3D Print Your Own Vegan Gummy Candies From Home

The Berlin-based Magic Candy Factory will soon be making a lot of kids and kids-at-heart happy. The company has announced that using their website, you’ll soon be able to 3D print gummy candies directly from your home, all of which are entirely vegan. Each gummy will be designed on the Magic Candy Factory’s website by …

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Taco Bell’s New Vegetarian Certified Menu Features 26 Vegan Items

Taco Bell recently became the first quick service restaurant to ever have a portion of their menu certified vegetarian and vegan by the American Vegetarian Association. Now, it’s become clear exactly what those items are. The ready-made vegetarian options – most of which can be subbed to become vegan (we’ll list the vegan items below) …

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400 Million Less Farm Animals were Slaughtered in the U.S. in 2014 than in 2008

In a showing sign that Americans are slowing down their consumption of animals, data released by the Humane Society of the Untied States (HSUS) has found that there was 400 million less farm animals slaughtered in 2014 than in 2008. Despite this large drop, the number of farm animals slaughtered in 2014 was still absurdly …

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The Top 5 Reasons to Become Vegan

There are a plethora of reasons to switch to an entirely plant-based vegan diet. Here, we’ll list five of the top reasons why going vegan isn’t just a smart decision for yourself, it’s a smart decision for the rest of the world as well. The Top 5 Reasons to Become Vegan (in no particular order): …

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47 Health Benefits of Being Vegan

Vegans are frequently misunderstood as fringe eaters with an unnatural passion for animal rights. While many vegans do feel passionately about animals, it’s time for others to see that a vegan diet and lifestyle go way beyond animal rights. Following a healthy, balanced vegan diet ensures a host of health benefits as well as prevention …

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Study Finds Vegan Diet Can Protect Against Prostate Cancer

A new study published last month by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and e-published ahead of print by the National Institute of Health, has found that adhering to a vegan diet can decrease a person’s risk of prostate cancer. “According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer accounts for ∼27% of all incident cancer …

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