Beyond Meat Files Over 100 Trademarks, Including Beyond Milk, Beyond Shrimp and Beyond Crab.

Beyond Meat, known for their growingly popular Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausages (and more recently Beyond Chicken), has filed over 100 trademarks for various products and terms, giving an insight into what the public traded company plans to focus on in the coming years.

In total Beyond Meat filed 108 patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Some of these trademarks include potential products such as Beyond Eggs, Beyond Jerky, Beyond Shrimp, beyond Crab, Beyond Tuna and many others. The patent applications also include for vague terms such as Beyond Brunch and Beyond Bowls.

These, of course, aren’t the only products Beyond Meat is working on. Last year they filed patents for Beyond Cheese and Beyond Bacon, with the latter being called one of the holy grails of vegan meat by the company’s CEO Ethan Brown.

“The real test for us is to make each of our platforms—beef, pork, and poultry—indistinguishable from animal protein,” says Brown. “How do you make a raw chicken breast with the translucent skin, the color transition that occurs? Steak, given its distribution of fat and protein, and, of course, bacon? Those three things are the holy grail.”

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