Mar 10

Canada to Stop Testing Pesticides on Beagles

Credit to Flickr user: Tim Lloyd

Credit to Flickr user: Tim Lloyd

Animal rights activists have major cause for celebration this week. Health Canada just recently announced its commitment to end testing pesticides on dogs in the near future. PETA has estimated that the cessation of these cruel experiments will save hundreds of dogs every year.

The test, up until now, had been mandatory for manufacturers in Canada to commission on any pesticide that is food-related (things like crop sprays) to determine the effect it might have on humans.

Typically, beagles are selected for this test due to their calm demeanor. They are usually about six months old. They live in a small cage and, over the course of a year, these unfortunate dogs are repeatedly subjected to harmful pesticides in the form of food or gas. After a year of daily exposure, the test subjects are killed and dissected for examination.

Due to the efforts of PETA and its scientists, along with other activists, governments are beginning to realize this test is not only unnecessary, but also that it’s entirely pointless. According to its own blog, PETA submitted evidence that these torturous tests do not actually reveal any data that would prevent harm to humans.

The US stopped these same tests back in 2007. The European Union has also stopped, and Brazil has stated that it intends to do the same. However, 90-day testing will still be required in Canada and other nations. Sadly, Japan and South Korea still mandate the full year testing period.


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  1. Haylie


    1. I agree 100%!

  2. Linda Lariviere

    Testing pesticides on beagle puppies is a cruel and unnecessary practice. The US stopped these tests as well as the EU. Let the world know that Canada is a humane country, not one that tortures puppies.

    1. Let us hope the whole world can agree to end these practices.

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