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2/3rds of Fresh Chicken Sold in British Stores Contain E. Coli

e. coli

By Sean Poulter, The Daily Mail 78 per cent of fresh chicken sold in high streets in England had E.coli E.coli causes stomach upsets and, in some cases, fatalities  It is implicated in more than 5,500 deaths a year in England alone This strain does not cause diarrhoea or vomiting Two-thirds of the fresh chicken …

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Did You Catch Shakespeare’s Vegan Message in ‘Henry VI’?

By PETA UK Recited by Downton Abbey star and vegan activist Peter Egan, the following passage from Henry VI describes a tragedy that’s still happening today (Warning: The video includes extremely violent acts against animals): Thou never didst them wrong, nor no man wrong; And as the butcher takes away the calf And binds the …

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7 Facts About Meat That’ll Make You Spit Out Your Burger

By Sarah Von Alt, Mercy for Animals 1. Meat Comes From Suffering Animals Arguably the most repulsive thing about meat is the incredible animal cruelty in every bite. Extreme confinement, mutilations without painkillers, and ruthless slaughter are all the norm on modern farms. See for yourself. 2. Meat Is Linked to Cancer Countless studies have …

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12 Things You Should Never Say to a Vegan

By Joe Loria, Being vegan you hear all sorts of ridiculousness, but these questions and comments are among the worst! 1. ” I only eat humane meat.” THERE’S NOTHING HUMANE ABOUT SLAUGHTER!!!   2. “What do vegans even eat?” OMG. 3. “But where do you get your protein?” Like seriously?!? 4. “But humans were …

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No, Vegetarian Diets Are Not Bad for the Environment (and Here’s Why)

By Erin Brodwin, Business Insider Headlines inspired by a study from earlier this week boasted that eating a vegetarian diet is actually worse for the planet than sticking to a traditional American (read: meat- and fat-heavy) diet. That’s bogus for several reasons. It also ignores one of the study’s biggest findings, which is that transforming …

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