May 18

Chick-fil-A is Researching and Considering Vegan Meat Substitutes

Chick-fil-A is researching and considering adding vegan meat substitutes to their menu.

“We’re definitely aware, and I would say we’re always interested in, what’s happening in food,” said Amanda Norris, the executive director of Chick-fil-A’s menu, in a recent interview with Business Insider. “Specifically, a vegetarian option or a vegan option is something we’re looking at, we’re thinking about, and have some [research and development].”

Norris says that Chick-fil-A has been studying vegan menu items and meat substitutes for a few years at this point, noting that given their small menu (which rarely includes limited-edition items) they take longer time to research, develop and introduce new menu items. According to Norris, it typically takes about 18 to 24 months for a new menu item to go from initial consideration to being an item the public can purchase.

“We’ve kind of been watching it, and now we are moving more from the watch stage and getting into that understand, or really imagine stage,” says Norris.

When asked by Business Insider is going to add a chicken-free version of its famous fried-chicken sandwich, Norris said: “I think it goes back to how far will our customers want us to go. We’re certainly wanting to broaden our thinking and really start big in that funnel and come down. We think it is certainly beyond just no meat on salads or no meat in a wrap. It might be some kind of alternative protein on a sandwich.”

Currently Chick-fil-A does offer salads and wraps that are or can be made vegan, though it doesn’t offer a dedicated vegan entree or sandwich option.


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