Chipotle Announces Launch of Vegan Chorizo

Chipotle, which is already one of the more vegan-friendly fast-food chains across the U.S., is about to become even more appealing for some vegans.

The company has announced that they are launching Plant-Based Chorizo at around 100 locations, with plans to expand it nationwide if the reception is positive enough. These initial locations are located in Orange County California, Indianapolis and Denver.

Chipotle has been working on perfecting the recipe for over a year. It’s made using pea protein, olive oil, and various spices such as paprika and cumin. Each portion contains 20 grams of protein and is entirely free of soy and gluten.

Chipotle previously carried meat-based chorizo, but removed the item in 2017. This new plant-based chorizo is meant to appeal to both vegans, and meat-eaters who miss the item.

“We definitely see a lot of interest in it,” says Chris Brandt, who serves as Chipotle’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Some people for the health benefits, some people for the environmental benefits. I don’t think people will miss the meat at all.”

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