Dec 18

Daiya Bringing Back Original Recipe for Their Vegan Cheese Shreds

daiyaRecently Daiya, a much respected vegan food company that specializes in vegan cheeses, yogurts and cheesecakes, made an alteration to the recipes they use for their cheese shreds. Although some consumers were fans of the change, many others were disappointed in the fact that the cheese’s texture was changed entirely, having gone from having a nice chewy consistency, to being what many describe as “mooshy”.

Now, we can confirm through speaking with the company that Daiya is bringing back its original formula, which will be making its way to store shelves over the next couple weeks.

I’m pleased to let you know that we have resumed production of our original recipe and we are shipping product out in the next couple weeks”, Dave Savage, Daiya’s Consumer Relations Manager, told us. “As it will take some time for a full shelf change through to occur, we’ve made it easier for you to recognize the original product by adding a label to the front of the package stating “Original Award Winning Product”. 

You can find all of the products Daiya offers on their website.


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  1. Jo

    I am absolutely thrilled to hear of this! Daiya was my go-to brand for shredded vegan cheese, and I was so disappointed when the recipe changed. I agree with what many others say about the new formula – it is super-mushy and “mooshy”. Thank you so much for resuming production of the original recipe!

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