Mar 05

Daiya Introduces New Line of Vegan Salad Dressings Including Ranch and Blue Cheese

Daiya-Salad-Dressing-Blue-Cheeze-Homestyle-Ranch-Caeser-602x424-1457024397Daiya has made quite a name for itself in recent years, becoming the go-to company for vegan cheeses among many vegans and vegan restaurants, as well as developing a line of delicious vegan mac and cheese. Now, the company is set to make vegan lives even better, by introducing a new line of creamy vegan salad dressings.

The company will be releasing three flavors of salad dressings; Blue Cheeze, Creamy Caeser and Homestyle Ranch. The first and latter will be of particular interest to many vegans, as finding a good ranch or blue cheese dressing can be two of the hardest things to find vegan, even if you’re in a vegan-friendly area such as Seattle or Portland.

The dressings are expected to hit store shelves nationwide in the coming weeks and months.

Daiya also announced that they’re releasing a new gluten-free pepperoni pizza.


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  1. Rosemary

    I live in zip code 10541, Mahopac, NY. Where can I find the Blue Cheez dressing, please??!!

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