Mar 24

Daiya Vegan Cheese Available in Over 20,000 Stores and Restaurants

0029216_daiya-mozzarella-style-shreds-8-ozIn a huge sign of the rapidly growing demand and availability of vegan cheese, Daiya has announced that their vegan cheese can currently be found in over 20,000 stores and restaurants, making them the most wide-spread vegan cheese company in the world.

Daiya – which also produces other vegan products such as cheesecakes, pizzas and more recently salad dressings – has deals established with numerous mainstream companies such as Blaze Pizza, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, Amy’s Kitchen and Disney. It can also be found in grocery stores nationwide, such as Safeway and Fred Meyers.

By simply putting in your zip code, you can find any store near your location that carries Daiya products by clicking here.

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