Disneyland and Disney World Adding 400 Vegan Dishes to Parks

In a move that is sure to excite vegan park-goers, Disney has announced over the next several months they will be adding 400 new vegan food items to their popular Disneyland (CA) and Disney World (FL) theme parks.

The move will with quick-service restaurants in Disney World Resort in Florida on October 1st, followed by table-service eateries on October 3rd. Disneyland Resort in California will begin offering some of the same dishes – plus additional ones – in the spring.

“Our guests will now be able to choose from hundreds of sweet and savory creations, including many brand-new dishes destined to become fan favorites,” says Disney Parks Editorial Content Director Thomas Smith. According to Smith, the new options will include vegan hot dogs, burgers, and sausages, along with a plethora of salads and other meals including eggless Florentine, a plant-based hot link smokehouse sandwich (Animal Kingdom), and a maple-chipotle barbecue-braised jackfruit dip.

Disney will not only be adding new vegan dishes to their theme parks, they are also adding vegan options to the menus of its hotels. The company is also expanding its vegan options internationally, including Risotto-Style Spelt with Mushrooms at Disneyland Paris, Caramel Mix Nuts Banana Cake at Shanghai Disney Resort, Pan-Fried Vegetables with Plant-Based Dumplings at Hong Kong Disneyland and a Plant-Based Chili Dog, Plant-Based Eggs, and Chocolate Truffle Cake aboard Disney Cruise Lines.

Disney says that all vegan items will be marked with a green leaf logo.

The announcement of these new vegan items comes just months after Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in Orlando began offering an all-you-can-eat vegan skillet with four types of vegan meat.

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