Jan 21

Double Food Pyramid Shows That What is Good for You, is Good for the Planet

The US Food Pyramid, despite its well-known failings, has always had good intentions: to educate people about healthy foods and diets. However, now that we’re in the midst of a global environmental crisis, it’d be good to know how those same dietary decisions affect the environment, wouldn’t it? The Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition has set about to do just that.

Double Food Pyramid

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The Italian research firm, an extension of the major food producer sharing the same name, has created a new “Double Food Pyramid.” In order to indicate the environmental impact from mass production of the various food groups, they created a second pyramid, flipped it upside down and placed it next to the original. On the new pyramid, foods are rated by their ecological impact from top to bottom in descending order. In other words, the safer the food, the lower it will be.

The most fascinating part of this, however, is the correlation between certain foods, our bodies and the environment at large. When comparing the two pyramids, it’s clear that the things considered the most unhealthy for human consumption are frequently the worst for our lovely planet as well.

As the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition puts it, “Placing the two pyramids next to each other, the ‘Double Food-Environmental Pyramid’ allows people to see that the foods that are advised to be eaten more, are also, generally, those that have the lowest environmental impacts. On the other hand, foods that are advised to be eaten less are also those that have a greater environmental impact.”

You can now fill up on those fruits and veggies knowing that you’re helping Mother Earth as well as yourself.


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