Fight – a Vegan Poem


The world can be hard to understand

Animals killed for the whims of man

Suffering on a scale so grand

It didn’t have to be like this


I wish for a better tomorrow

One lacking of such unnecessary sorrow

We’re all on borrowed time

Why spend it causing another creature’s demise?


But surprise, this cycle we continue to reprise

But we must fight

We must educate the masses, strive with every facet of our being

To show compassion and respect to nature can be freeing


If seeking another reason for being vegan

It’s better for our health and well-being

And modern vegan food – quite pleasing

And your impact on global warming will start shrinking


This may get them thinking – but if they’re not believing

Cite your sources and encourage some reading

Science and ethics are on our side

So remain respectful, but share the word far and wide

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