Jan 24

First Vegan Butcher Shop in the U.S. Now Open, First Weekend a Huge Success

openingThe Herbivorous Butcher, the first vegan butcher shop in the United States, opened on Saturday, January 23rd at 11AM in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a long line of customers waiting outside.

Some of the items sold during the shop’s first weekend include Korean ribs, smoky house ribs, pastrami, porterhouse steak, porchetta, deli turkey and a variety of jerky and sausages. Also sold was a variety of cheeses – such as pepper jack and dill havarti – and a few butters, including maple butter and port wine butter.

The reception from those lucky enough to try some of these items, was universal praise (and the shop remained busy throughout the weekend).


Korean ribs.

“The Korean ribs are absolutely incredible”, says Dave Trinal, a lifelong vegan who visited the shop on Sunday. “The texture is perfect and the flavor is exquisite.”

Kelly Matthews, who became vegan last year, praised the shop’s cheeses; “finding a good vegan cheese has been the hardest part of becoming vegan for me, but now my problems are solved! The mozzarella and herb smoked cheddar were to die for!”

Thankfully for fans of the new shop, it will be open from now on every Tuesday-Friday from 10AM to 7PM, every Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, and every Sunday from 11AM to 4PM.

To learn more about The Herbivorous Butcher, visit their website by clicking here. The shop is located at 507 1st Ave NE in Minneapolis.



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  1. Marilyn Wilson

    Wish I lived closer.

  2. Arthur Lyons

    The vegan restaurant is very welcome. I must admit that I am a foodie. I like some chicken dishes but be a vegan if I had options all the time. There are no vegan restaurants in my town but some people would be vegans.

  3. Isabelle

    We need at least one in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. frances hingston

    Australia needs you here!
    Many thanks

  5. steve

    You vegans looking for the taste of the MEAT.

    You’re like the nun who is always dreaming about a MAN while grabbing the candle….

    1. Francine

      I bet you think rape is wanted, too.

    2. m reilly

      Offensive to this practicing Catholic plant based woman. Grow up!

  6. Sue

    Please let us know how to order. ALSO, CAN WE GET FRANCHISES?

  7. Louis

    We need this in every town in america!

    1. ruby

      No we don’t.

      1. Ananda

        Yes we do!

  8. Di

    The ribs look like poo

  9. Dharma

    I really do not care who eats what as long as it is only plant based food. Vegans who fight with each other are so annoying.

  10. John Elliott

    There should be one of these in every major city in the world. Vote for me for King of The World and I’ll make it happen!

  11. Ashi

    Nice to know of this one. Though am living far away from MI at RI, but this would be on my list if I visit there! There are excellent vegan cafes in RI too!!!

  12. Charles

    It’s gonna catch up soon in America

  13. Ananda

    Things are changing and we will see more of these as the demand increases! Let’s all keep up the good work in our boycotting and eliminating animal products (as well as palm oil) from our diets and embracing compassion. If there is not one in your area… perhaps an idea would be to start a great new business!

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