Illinois Legislature Passes Legislation Banning Retail Dog and Cat Sales

Illinois’ full legislature has passed legislation that explicitly prohibits stores from selling cats and dogs they obtained from breeders or inhumane breeding mills.

The measure – House Bill 1711 – would still allow retail outlets to host adoption events such as those in conjunction with local animal shelters. It was sponsored by Senators Linda Holmes and Christina Castro and Representative Andrew Chesney, along with a bipartisan coalition of 49 other legislators.

House Bill 1711  was passed by the Illinois House of Representatives by a vote of 76 to 24. The Senate subsequently passed the proposal with a super majority vote of 38 to 12. It now goes to Governor J. B. Pritzker for consideration: Pritzker has the option of signing it into law, allowing it to become law without his signature, or he could veto it. However, the measure was passed with a veto-proof majority (2/3rds of the legislator), so if he chose the latter the legislator would have the option of overriding it.

Once House Bill 1711 becomes law, Illinois will become the fifth state to ban retail pet sales.

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