Impossible Foods Working on Plant-Based Bacon

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown says that they’re hard at work on plant-based bacon.

Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger has taken off in a big way in recent months, and is now served in thousands of restaurants across the United States. CEO Pat Brown says people may soon be able to add Impossible Bacon to their burger.

During an interview with CNET Brown was asked if the company planned to make plant-based bacon. He responded by stating: “Of course we are, and in fact, we’ve already played around with it. We’re not going to release a bacon product until we feel like anyone who is the most hardcore bacon worshiper thinks it’s awesomely delicious. But we’re definitely on track.”

Brown adds: “It’s going to be an epic moment when we serve the first kosher bacon cheeseburger.

Impossible Foods recently unveiled Impossible Pork, which has been receiving almost unanimous praise.

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