Feb 06

Makers of Just Mayo Releasing Cookie Dough and Salad Dressing Line, 40+ New Products Coming Soon

hampton creekHampton Creek, makers of the increasingly popular vegan mayonnaise line Just Mayo, has announced that it has a plethora of new products in the works, including some releasing later this month.

On their Facebook page, the company confirmed that Just Cookie Dough – which is entirely vegan, as is all of Hampton Creek’s products – will be hitting Target shelves later this month. Also releasing later this month is a new line of salad dressings, including Just Caesar, Just Ranch and Just French. The company also confirmed that a line of vegan eggs – called Just Scramble – is in the works.

The announcement comes just a couple months after the company announced at a conference that they’re releassing over 40 new products including premade cookies, dessert mixes (brownies, cakes) and breakfast mixes (pancakes, muffins).


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  1. Alicia

    It would be nice to stop using animal products.

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