Miyoko’s Kitchen Wins Lawsuit Trying to Prevent them From Calling Vegan Products “Butter”

Miyoko’s Kitchen, growingly famous for their plethora of vegan butters and cheeses, has won a landmark victory in United States District Court.

The victory stems from a lawsuit filed by the company against the California Department of Food and Agriculture, which served Miyoko’s Kitchen with a temporary injunction preventing them from labeling their product as “butter” and “cruelty-free”.

Claiming that it was their first amendment right to use these labels, Miyoki’s sued the department, and has now won that suit.

According to court documents it was determined that California does not have the constitutional authority to ban companies from using the above-mentioned terms: It also allows Miyoko’s to use terms such as “lactose-free” and statements such as “revolutionizing dairy with plants”.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund represented Miyoko’s Kitchen’s in court.

“The CDA’s attempt to censor Miyoko’s from accurately describing its products and providing context for their use is a blatant example of agency capture”, said Executive Director Stephen Wells following the news. “The fact that animal-milk producers fear plant-based competition does not give state agencies the authority to restrict one industry in order to help another.”

Wells continues: “Using words such as ‘butter’ and ‘milk’ in the context of even products made from plants and not from animals is common parlance among consumers in the modern world. We are extremely pleased by this ruling. And, believe that it will help set a precedent for the future of food.”

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