MOD Pizza Adding Vegan Sausage to All of Its Over 500 Locations

Starting Tuesday, August 31, the fast-food pizza chain MOD Pizza will begin offering vegan meat at all of its over 500 locations. The restaurant, which is to pizza what Subway is to subs (in that it’s assembly-line style where you can have whatever toppings you’d like added on), has already been serving vegan cheese (using Daiya brand) since 2015.

According to a news release from MOD, starting August 31 they’ll be offering vegan Italian sausage made from Plantly. The sausage is made with traditional Italian seasonings such as oregano, fennel and thyme. Similar to sausages made by Impossible and Beyond, they’ll be made using pea protein.

“We’ve spent the past two years methodically testing plant-based proteins and simply put, we found Plantly’s Italian plant-based sausage to be completely craveable and far superior in both taste and quality—and were immediately drawn to the real ingredient list,” says MOD Chief Marketing Officer Mark Shambura. “We’re excited to bring our customers a product that is not only delicious, but an easy swap or add, if they want to go meatless or simply have more flexible choices.”

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