Dec 22

New Vegan “Super Condom” Kills HIV, Enhances Sexual Pleasure

super condomA team of researchers out of Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center have developed a new entirely vegan condom made from hydrogel, a water-based material used in contact lenses and to heal cuts. The latext-free condom is lined with a plant-based antioxidant that kills HIV.

Although the condom was designed specifically to help combat the spread of the HIV virus, which affects nearly 40 million people around the globe, the condom’s lining also acts as a sexual stimulant.

“The antioxidant will enhance neurotransmitters which will work with nerve endings, giving greater sexual pleasure,” says lead researcher Mahua Choudhry said, who is a recipient of the Grand Challenge in Global Health grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The condom is expected to be ready for market by next year, with an expected price of $1 per condom.


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  1. Grant

    what’s the plant based antioxidant that kills the virus. shouldn’t this also be released to the public so people can self medicate? I have a friend who would greatly benefit from this antioxidant.

  2. Jessica Johnson

    You would think this plant-based antioxidant could also be used to “treat” the virus as well…Also would like to add that whatever the aphrodisiac is in the lining could also be used as an ingredient in lubrication oil, jelly, etc.Just a couple ideas but I’m not a chemist or anything of that nature so don’t know if any of it would be possible but seems logical to me.

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