Apr 07

NFL Player Goes Vegan

A player from the National Football League, Tyrann Mathieu, recently tweeted that he has become vegan. The star safety became a starter last season for his team, the Arizona Cardinals, even after enduring a season-ending ACL tear the year before. Mathieu was a standout in college at Louisiana State University, where his tenacity earned him the nickname “Honey Badger” (a now-ironic nickname given that vegans don’t eat honey).

Asked by Twitter user Jordan Cryer why he decided to go vegan, Mathieu tweeted in response:

“I was tired of eating poison & was tired of supporting people that don’t support us in a healthy way.”

Well said, sir.

Although he is still transitioning, Mathieu has been receiving supportive tweets. He’s also gotten questions about whether he’s able to consume a sufficient amount of protein on a vegan diet (yes, really). Updating his followers on his progress, he tweeted:

“I am not 100% vegan just yet, I am closing in tho…. I feel amazing, energized & got damn confident!!”

It’s worth noting that the NFL star is currently recovering from the ACL repair surgery he had in January. His other knee has also been operated on in the past. Part of his rehab regime includes squats of 245 pounds.

Honey Badger, indeed!

Eating a strictly plant-based diet does not equate to having protein deficiency. As Livestrong pointed out, the animals that omnivores typically eat, like cows and pigs, have protein in their meat precisely because of their diets—which happen to be plant-based.

Can we finally dispense with all the “vegans don’t get enough protein” arguments?


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