Panda Express Announces Launch of Vegan Orange Chicken

Panda Express has announced that they are collaborating with Beyond Meat to launch Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, which will be the fast food chains first-ever vegan meat product.

Although the item will first be launching at just a few locations across the United States – namely in New York City and California – the plan is to expand this to a nationwide launch if the test-run is successful. The product will have its official launch on July 27th.

“As the creator of The Original Orange Chicken, Panda has significant brand equity in this staple American Chinese comfort food”, says chef Jimmy Wang, Executive Director of Culinary Innovation at Panda Express. “We know guests’ tastes and preferences have evolved and look to us for variety, Creating a fresh new take on a classic favorite is a great and accessible way to introduce plant-based proteins to our guests and perhaps even draw a new audience for Panda.”

In addition to the new vegan orange chicken, those following a plant-based diet have a few other options at Panda Express, including their vegetable spring rolls, steamed white and brown rice with sweet and sour sauce, super greens and at some locations eggplant tofu (some locations are also willing to make fried rice sans the egg).

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