Apr 23

Poll: 81% of Vegans Have “Experienced Prejudice” Over Their Choice to be Vegan

According to new polling, 81% of those who are vegan have “experienced prejudice” solely as a result of their choice to be vegan.

According to a poll conducted by the health app Lifesum, a large majority of vegans – more than eight out of every 10 – have experienced prejudice, which includes insults, being shunned by friends and family and workplace discrimination.

In addition, 92% of vegans stated that they have experienced negative reactions from friends and family. 59% have experienced prejudice or negative reactions while dining out at a restaurant, 55% at their place of employment and 21% from a stranger while shopping at a grocery store.

The results will be less than than surprising for anyone has is or has spent any amount of time following a vegan diet and lifestyle. It’s not uncommon for vegans to be made fun of or looked down upon for their choice to not consume or wear other animals. Luckily the tides are changing rapidly as veganism and plant-based diets continue to grow more mainstream.


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