Report: If Everyone Went Vegan, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Would be Cut by 70%, Heart and Circulatory Disease by 85%

According to a new report emissions of carbon dioxide across the globe would be reduced by 70% if everyone became vegan, and heart and circular disease would become drastically less common.

According to the Veganism Impact Report, a vegan world would produce 9.6 billion tons less greenhouse gas emissions than is currently the case. The report “uses statistics on the UK’s, EU’s and world’s annual animal product consumption, employment, trade, health, environment and economy to visualise how society would change if the current vegan population consumed animal products, or if the meat-eating population went vegan”.

Stats gathered from associated sources including NHS, Macmillan, Office for National Statistics, Europa and the RSPCA.

The full report, which can be found by clicking here, includes a tool that shows the difference between 0% of the world being vegan, all the way up to 100%. In addition to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the report found that if everyone went vegan there would be 130,000 fewer deaths from heart and circulatory disease each year in the United Kingdom alone, cutting the total by over 85% (150,000 people in the U.K. died of these causes in 2017).

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