Soy Chorizo Again Wins Favorite Meat/Meatless Product in Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards

For the second straight year, Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo has won the award for “Favorite Meat/Meatless” product in the store’s annual Customer Choice Awards.

The winners of Trader Joe’s 8th Annual Customer Choice Awards were announced last week. One of the categories was once again Favorite Meat/Meatless product, where interestingly vegan meat products are placed up against actual meat products. Of the five products listed, three were meat (ground turkey, chicken sausage and grass fed ground Angus Beef), and two were vegan (the chorizo and meatless meatballs). Not only did the soy chorizo come in first, the only other vegan product came in second. Ground Turkey came in third.

Of the 14 categories (if you don’t count the final category of Favorite Customer, with the winner being “You”), nine of the winners are vegan products (in addition, nine of the 14 categories have vegan products that came in second place). Some of the categories include Favorite Snack, Favorite Condiment and Favorite Frozen item.

The results of last year’s Favorite Meat/Meatless category were similar, with Soy Chorizo taking first place in both. However, meatless meatballs came fourth in that contest; they came second this year.

You can find the full list of winners by clicking here.

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