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Study Finds that Even 7 Days on a Low-Fat Vegan Diet Can Have Significant Health Benefits


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It is thoroughly documented that the rich Western diet, which is heavy on animal source foods, fat-laden foods and sugary processed foods, is a major contributor to issues such as type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disorders and other diseases that can cause disability and death. It has been a subject of major debate, however, to determine which type of diet would be best suited to reduce these issues. A recent study published in Nutrition Journal makes a strong case that a low-fat, vegan diet may be a strong solution, based on results obtained from seven day adherence to the diet.

The study was conducted over a period of eleven years, from 2002 to 2011, using patients attracted via internet marketing across a wide geographic area to spend ten days at a hotel in Santa Rosa, California. Once at the hotel, they would receive a dietary education and introduction to a low-fat, vegan diet under the supervision of a medical doctor, a registered dietitian, a psychologist exercise instructors and cooking instructors.

Over the course of a patient’s stay at the hotel they were fed a menu that consisted largely of common starches and were told to eat to the full satisfaction of their appetite. The menu was prepared with small amounts of simple sugars, salts and spices to ensure they would remain palatable to Western diets. Over the course of their stay, medical professionals recorded a wide variety of data on the patient’s health, including weight, blood pressure and total cholesterol.

In general, the study found consistent reductions in total cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose for participants in the study. The overall data indicated that patients who would adhere to the low-fat, vegan diet presented in the study would reduce their risk of a cardiovascular event by 5.5% over a ten year period.

Click here to read the study in full.


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  1. Moshe Edis

    This is good stuff. Me & my husband are really into fitness and we know that there is that extra punch eveyone needs to get absolutely ripped – and we need supplements to help. Forskolin is extremely effective as a fat burner, and it helps build lean mass fast as well. I know that because it helped me – and I am absolutely sure it will help people just setting out onto the road of health and good shape. Thanks Melissa – great review – and good luck!

  2. Daniel

    Wow, those are some significant long term health benefits.

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