Study: Plant-Based Diet Safe for Dogs, May Have Medical Benefits

A new study is one of the first to examine the health consequences of an entirely plant-based diet for canines.

The DOGG Canine-Nutrition Company recently announced the results of their veterinarian-guided feeding trial. The study included 20 dogs placed on a “fresh, pure, whole, plant-based diet”. For all of these canines it was found that a vegan diet had absolutely no negative health consequences. On the contrary, it was found to be beneficial for certain medical ailments.

“We’ve just finished conducting a 12 week informal trial here at Yaletown Pet Hospital”, says Dr. Gavin Myers, Supervising Veterinarian at Yaletown. “The dogs in the study came from all breeds and ages, some were healthy whereas some had minor, non life threatening medical ailments.”

For the study, three examinations were performed over the 12 week period. Researchers assessed clinical health, weight, body condition and fecal quality. Blood and urine samples were obtained from at the beginning and end of the trial to assess systemic health.

According to Myers; “As a whole the trial has been really successful in demonstrating how well dogs can do on a nutritionally balanced, plant-based diet. All dogs that completed the trial managed the transition to the new diet without any difficulty, and in many cases actually improved medically while on it.”

Myers continues; “The most exciting improvements we saw were in those pets with food hypersensitivities problems demonstrated as either skin or gastrointestinal ailments. In small animal veterinary medicine this subset of patients account for a large majority of the cases we see everyday, therefore having an extra tool at our disposal to manage these animals is greatly welcomed.”

A Second Opinion

“In my opinion, the results of the initial DOGG Canine Nutrition feeding trial are very positive”, says Dr. Kathy Kramer, a highly-respected veterinary professional in Vancouver. “All of the dogs that completed the twelve week trial were perceived by caretakers and their veterinarians to have done well with the diet. Patients with skin issues were noted to itch less and have fewer or no skin lesions during the trial. Patients with gastrointestinal issues were noted to be less flatulent with an improvement in stool consistency.

For more information you can visit DOGG’s website by clicking here.

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