Study: Vegan Diet Can Reduce Anxiety and Stress



By Nicolette Treat

It’s been speculated for quite some time that what we eat can affect how we think and act. Recently a group of scientists got together to research this idea to determine if there is any validity to it.

The group conducted a study – published by the U.S National Institute of Health – to determine the difference in moods according to our diets; to see how different foods affected mood, stress levels and anxiety. There was a particular interest taken in the case of the test subjects that maintained a vegan diet over the ones that were omnivores.

The subjects were evenly dispersed between omnivores and vegans, but the majority of them were female at almost 80%. The overall scores showed that a vegan diet and a daily fruit and vegetable intake reduced stress in the males, showing a much lower overall anxiety score then the other men tested. Similarly women that maintained a vegan diet and consumed fewer sweets also showed a dramatic stress decrease in comparison to the omnivores.

Finally, the scientists that did the study also concluded that having animal meat in your diet can have adverse mood benefits over time, as opposed to a vegan diet which showed no mood disruption at all.

The study concludes; “A strict plant-based diet does not appear to negatively impact mood, in fact, reduction of animal food intake may have mood benefits.”

This study gives us further evidence that a vegan diet can be as good for your mental health as it is for your physical well being.

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