Survey: 55% in Britain Have Eaten More Vegan Meat and Dairy Alternatives Since Lockdown

Vegan English breakfast.

According to a new survey 55% of those in Britain say that have increased the number of vegan food items they’ve eaten since the country was put on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey also found that 22% have tried some form of vegan meat or dairy for the first time ever since the lockdown began.

“The outcome of our poll reflects the increase we have seen in the demand for our plant-based alternatives”, Lisa Harrison, senior brand manager for Mexicana® Vegan and Mexicana® Vegan Slices, told Plant Based News in a recent interview.

“The COVID-19 situation has really focused the population’s attention on the importance of healthy eating and how consuming plant-based alternatives can be really good for people’s health as well as the planet.” She adds: “We know the demand is there for healthy, convenient food as more of the population works from home and has the majority of their meals at home.”

According to the survey, 16% of respondents sad they replaced meat with vegan alternatives, around 20% tried dairy-free alternatives to replace cheese and 23% stated that they use vegan dairy alternatives.

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