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Feb 03

Oreo Announces New Vegan Flavor: Filled Cupcake

Just two weeks after Oreos announced their new vegan cinnamon bun flavored cookies, they’ve announced a new flavor which is also vegan; filled cupcake. The new flavor, which is “a rich, chocolatey treat featuring a dollop of creme filling wrapped into a crunchy cookie exterior,” debated this week at a  New York City pop-up and …

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Jan 20

Oreo Announces New Vegan Cinnamon Bun Flavored Cookie

Nabisco, the company behind Oreos,  has announced a new flavor of the popular cookie which is vegan. The new “cinnamon bun” Oreo will contain “cinnamon bun and frosting flavored creme” placed inside two cinnamon cookies, and is available beginning this week. Nabisco says that this new flavor is a permanent addition to Oreo’s flavor lineup, …

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