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Vegetarian Menus Surge 66%

Michael Stern

Most of us, during our first years, hated vegetables. It’s not very often you hear of a child who likes to eat his or her vegetables. Unfortunately, that never stopped Mom and Dad from insisting. “Eat your veggies,” they’d say, “they’re good for you.” It turns out they were right, and an increasing number of …

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Vegan Brownie Makes List of Best Chocolate Desserts in New York City

Serious Eats this week released their list of the The Best Chocolate Pastries and Desserts in NYC, and a vegan brownie found at Peacefood made the list. “Peacefood may be best known for their highly praised vegetarian food and mellow atmosphere, but the brownies have always been the star of their bakery menu”, says Niko Triantafillou …

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