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Feb 08

Vancouver’s First Vegan Creamery Now Open

Nice Vice Creamer, the first vegan creamery in Vancouver, Canada, is now officially open. The creamery, which offers entirely vegan, 100% organic ice cream, features flavors such as Lemonhead, Tripped out Tropical, Blueberry Sage, Strawberry Fiend Forever, Chocoholics Anonymous, Cookie Dough and Match Avocado, among others. The creamery is ran by the same people who …

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Feb 03

Ben & Jerry’s Unveils New Line of Vegan Ice Cream Launching this Week

Ben & Jerry’s has officially unveiled the initial four flavors of their new lineup of vegan, almond milk ice cream, all of which are certified vegan, made from Fair Trade ingredients and is entirely void of GMOs. The flavors are: PB & Cookies (vanilla ice cream packed with chocolate cookies with a crunchy peanut butter …

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Jan 28

Avocado Ice Cream has Arrived

One of the toughest parts for people transitioning from being omnivorous, or vegetarian, to veganism is the lack of dairy. Dairy is a pillar of western diets and culinary traditions, after all. Avoiding the consumption of meat and meat products is by no means easy, but for many it is even harder to do away …

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Dec 18

Ben & Jerry’s Launching Line of Vegan Almond Milk Ice Cream in 2016

The hugely popular ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has announced that their new line of entirely vegan almond milk ice cream will be launching in 2016. Although the company tested out a line of vegan ice cream flavors using various non-dairy milk alternatives such as soy and cashew milk, the company decided that almond …

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