Top 3 CrossFit Competition Winners All Vegan

In a prime example of how being vegan not only doesn’t negatively impact performance in sports but may in fact help it, the top three challengers in a major CrossFit competition just happen to all be vegan.

The Nobull CrossFit Games in Germany saw Lidia Bartoszewicz, Katharine Isele and Lisa Eble pull in the top three spots.

“[My body] doesn’t need meat as a source of protein”, says Eble. “There are enough vegetable proteins that have made me quite fit.”

She continues: “In addition, I cannot live with the thought that animals will suffer such incredible suffering. Anyone who has a pet knows exactly that animals also experience suffering, pain, or fear.”

Isele says “I wanted to try it vegan and see how my body feels with it.” She went vegan a year ago, and says “I’ve felt great”. Isele says “I also think it’s nice that no animals have suffered because of me and my diet.”

Bartoszewicz says she became vegan after petting a calf, which led to her no longer feeling comfortable consuming meat.

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