Feb 11

Uncle Maddio’s Vegan Friendly Pizza Chain Continues to Grow Rapidly

uncle maddio;sIt can sometimes be a bit difficult to find a quick, hot vegan meal that you can grab on a lunch break or on your way home – but Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint is looking to change that. The franchise, which already boasts over 40 locations across the southeastern United States, reaffirmed its commitment to open over 250 locations across 18 states over the next couple years in a press release sent out last week.

Uncle Maddio’s uses an assembly line structure similar to Chipotle or Subway to allow patrons to choose exactly what they want to go on their vegan pizza. Franchise locations offer a wide variety of vegan option, including three different crusts (traditional, wheat and gluten-free), 27 different vegetable toppings including tofu, and several sauces such as garlic olive oil and zesty BBQ.

The franchise first opened in 2008 and currently has signed franchise agreements with 67 different entities in 18 different states. Last week’s press release was sent out to announce the hiring of Jocelyn Blain and the new chief development officer of the entire franchise. Blain will supervise aspects of the business such as restaurant design, franchise development and real estate purchases.

While the franchise’s growth is still centered in the southeast corner of the United States, the success of Uncle Maddio’s aggressive growth pattern speaks volumes about the buying power that vegan consumers have to influence the market. Hopefully, as Uncle Maddio’s continues to expand across the United States you too will be able to grab a hot, made-to-order vegan pizza on a lunch break soon.


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