Vegan Athlete Breaks World Record for Most Loops Around Central Park

A vegan athlete has broken the world record for the most loops around New York City’s Central Park without stopping. Robbie Balenger was able to run 16 loops around the 6.1 mile track in an 18 hour period.

In total, Balenger ran 100 miles, demolishing the previous record of 69.5.

“I’ve run seven ultramarathons in four months”, says Balenger. “I’ve completed a 75-day, 3,200-mile transcontinental run across the US. But this is the most miles I’ve ever run in a single day,. However, once I put forth this level of accountability, I have to see it through. My word is my bond.”

Balenger most recently garnered attention for his 2019 run across the United States, where he went from New York to California (3,200 miles) in 75 days: It was done in an attempt to bolster conversations around better food choices and to promote a plant-based diet.

“My goal is to inspire people all across this country to start paying more attention to what they put inside of their bodies and to be an example of someone who has made a radical change and feels better for it,” says Balenger.

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