Jan 08

Vegan Brownie Makes List of Best Chocolate Desserts in New York City

vegan brownieSerious Eats this week released their list of the The Best Chocolate Pastries and Desserts in NYC, and a vegan brownie found at Peacefood made the list.

“Peacefood may be best known for their highly praised vegetarian food and mellow atmosphere, but the brownies have always been the star of their bakery menu”, says Niko Triantafillou of Serious Eats. “The bite-size sweets possess everything I want in a classic brownie: a rich and earthy chocolate flavor, a fudgy crumb that’s not too dense or too cake-like, and a subtle vanilla aroma. It’s an impressive feat, considering you won’t find a trace of eggs, milk, or butter throughout.”

Triantafillou continues; “It helps that Peacefood uses high-quality chocolate, but perhaps even more importantly, they’ve also managed to replicate the same amounts of fat and sugar found in most standard brownies without introducing animal products into the mix. Not only is there no sacrifice in flavor or texture, you’ll even find that wonderful thin, crackly crust where the brownie kissed the pan.”

Those wanting to find out more about Peacefood Cafe should click here. Those wanting to read Serious Eat’s full list of the best chocolate desserts in New York City should click here.


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